SCW Team

5 Jun 2022

Seoul City Warriors cement their place at the top of the league today, with a brilliant fight back against FC Amor, one that combined determination with moments of sheer quality.

Coach Jay Seo might have been worried after going behind two slightly bizarre goals earlier on in the game, but he will have also been ecstatic at the commitment and grit shown to fight back and win such an important game.

Warriors found themselves a goal down early on when a speculative shot from outside the box caught the wind perfectly (in notably blustery conditions) and sailed into the top corner of young goalkeeper Niklas Karbaum‘s net. Pretty soon after, things got worse when hesitation amongst the back line led to an attempted clearance being charged down and looping over into the net. Despite this early pair of setbacks, the Warriors never panicked nor let their high-quality play so far. They patiently played themselves into the game and slowly grew in dominance.

Right on half-time, this domination finally told as coach Jay Seo sent striker Guillaume Pommet through to round the keeper and finished superbly, bringing the Warriors right back into the game at the perfect moment. The second half saw wave after wave of Warriors attacks, as first Mark McKeever, and then Kevin Conlan completely changed the look of the game and put the Warriors 3–2 ahead. After a sending off for FC Amor after a frankly reckless challenge from the opposing captain, the comeback was completed when Daragh Fitzpatrick was 1st to a rebound after an initial shot from Donal Keane.

A fantastic win and a lesson in never going giving up. Warriors now find themselves five points clear and only one win away from a place in the playoffs. A great day!